Mission and Values



Our mission is to change healthcare and improve access. For us this means:

  • Bringing back the human touch and the highest level of customer service. We have the utmost respect for healthcare providers and we insist on treating them accordingly.
  • Lowering healthcare costs. High costs are the enemy of both quality of care and growth of revenue. We negotiate the best prices on behalf of our clients, and we service every single surgical case we handle, to lessen the burden on hospital staff and increase efficiency.
  • Improve Quality of Care. We will never sacrifice quality of care to lower the cost. As part of our VAC services, our consultants structure agreements to preserve physician choice, so doctors can deliver the best care possible, as only they know how to do.

At the core of our values, we believe that the patient comes first, and a successful outcome is the priority. By putting our clients and the patients they care for first, MediSource Partners believes in an ethical and moral approach to business and remains committed to being a positive force in today’s healthcare environment.



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